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Global leader in data recovery

Our 97.2% success rate makes Proven Data Recovery one of the leaders in the data recovery industry, and every year we help thousands of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to home users, save their valuable data from cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and hard drive failure.

With over 20 years of experience, we understand the true nature of data loss. From the beginning to the end of the data recovery process, our continuous improvement mindset has enabled us to create a streamlined data recovery model for our clients. Our 97% success rate on thousands of previous data recovery cases make us the go-to company when you need your critical data back.

The honest and open feedback we welcome from our clientele has allowed us to grow significantly in how we serve you, the customer.
Our past and current clients include government agencies, large commercial banks, colleges, Dr’s offices, law firms, individuals and many other small – large companies continue to trust us for all their business data recovery needs.

We utilize a Class 10 ISO 4 type clean room and all of the latest data recovery technologies to ensure you are getting your best possible chance at safely and securely retrieving your data. Much of the income we receive goes back into developing tools that aim to increase our data recovery success rate.

Every recovery attempt is critical because you reduce your chances of getting your data back with every attempt. That means we’re your one best chance. We pride ourselves on first-time data recovery, almost every time, and if we get no data, we don’t charge you for the service.

We’re reliable, fast, and we get results. We’re Proven Data Recovery.

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for all your data recovery service needs. Join the thousands of satisfied clients that have trusted us to get their data back.