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An A Rated BBB data recovery company; Proven Data Recovery

Proven Data Recovery BBB Business Review

Proven Data Recovery is committed to providing the best data recovery services to each of our unique clients. Proven Data Recovery is fully accredited through the Better Business Bureau, which means we’ve been audited by the highest BBB service standards.

In the data recovery industry, Better Business Bureau accreditation brings significant benefits and responsibilities. Proven Data Recovery has always provided its clients with efficient services, competitive pricing and the highest security standards. By embracing the BBB’s established principles at each of our facilities we continue to offer an exceptional set of data protection resources.
Some requirements of BBB accreditation include:

  • Full cooperation with the Better Business Bureau
  • Regular review of advertising and trade practices
  • All claims on website are backed up
  • Maintaining a low number of complaints
  • Commitment to fair dispute resolution programs

Unlike many other data recovery providers, Proven Data Recovery takes an individual approach to each case that ensures high customer satisfaction rates and better results overall. Our data recovery engineers create an individualized plan for every device, and we provide our customers with a full evaluation, diagnosis and cost estimate before any repairs are performed. We also provide our no-recovery/no-charge guarantee and 24/7 customer service.

Best data recovery practices

Proven Data Recovery’s Better Business Bureau accreditation is part of our dedicated approach to providing top quality data recovery services. PDR holds an overall recovery success rate of over 97 percent; we always take the necessary steps to protect customer data and privacy throughout the case process.

Our Class 10 ISO 4 certified Clean room provides a dedicated environment that protects hard drives and other devices during repairs, and our inventory of state of the art tools allows our teams to treat solid-state drives, RAID arrays, and various other types of digital devices quickly and safely. We are constantly investing in new technologies to ensure fast, effective resolution for every customer.

Proven Data Recovery adheres to a strict system of access controls to comply with various confidentially standards and federal laws to protect privacy. As a leader in secure data recovery, data security is emphasized at each of our locations. We store recovered data on closed servers and return data via encrypted connections.

We are proud of our customer service team; fast, responsive, and always courteous, every member of the Proven Data Security team undergoes regular training in order to provide consistently excellent service. By maintaining high standards, our reputation for reliability and commitment to our clients is reflected in our Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Exceptional customer service

In order to keep our BBB accreditation, Proven Data Recovery is expected to maintain exceptional customer service and give our clients around-the-clock access to our extensive resources. We are among a handful of data recovery providers with an online case status system, and we offer a range of turnaround and pricing options to suit all of our clients and ensure high satisfaction rates.

Any time a customer brings a drive to Proven Data Recovery, they receive the best possible service from our knowledgeable team of experts. Our no-recovery/no-charge guarantee highlights our commitment to a quick and thorough remedy to your data loss issues, in keeping with the BBB’s dispute resolution program.

To schedule a free evaluation, call our toll-free hotline today at 877-364-5161.

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