How Does Our Data Recovery Process Work?

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Submitting a case will give us the necessary information we need about your failed device. Once your case is submitted, you will receive a case ID number necessary to drop off your device or ship it to us. You may use this ID number to track the status of your recovery.

You may submit data recovery case here

You must have previously submitted a case to start. To ship your device follow the instructions you receive in the email after creating your case. Once we have received your device, you will receive an email to the one provided when you submitted a case.

To see a list of our offices, please visit our data recovery office locations.

When dropping off in person there are two requirements:

  1. Please submit a case and have your case number handy so our receptionist is able to reference your case.
  2. Photo identification to access our secure facility.

The evaluation will begin when we have received your device. Any updates will be presented via email immediately through our case management system with a follow up phone call.

Our engineers will work around the clock to evaluate your device in the desired time frame. Once the extensive evaluation is complete, we will present our findings and a flat-rate price quote based on the nature of the issue. Please visit our data recovery cost page to find out more information about pricing.

Once you approve the quoted price, our engineers begin the recovery process. We will perform the required modifications to effectively stabilize your device, allowing us to create an image and safely extract your critical data.

*Proven Data Recovery Services honors the turnaround time you choose at the receipt of all resources needed for recovery. Although we stock thousands of hard drive parts, some hard drive manufacturers require rare parts that need to be ordered overseas. In these rare cases when we do not have parts needed for recovery in our inventory, they are ordered promptly using overnight delivery where applicable.

In rare instances data can be deemed unrecoverable and you will not be charged the quoted price. The pricing is dependent on the success in restoring your critical files of interest.
Unrecoverable cases are usually caused by extensive platter damage or severe corruption and occur rarely.