Can Data Be Recovered from a Water or Fire Damaged Hard Drive?

We already know that natural disasters can happen, bringing floods and fires that can wipe out our hardware. But natural disasters aren’t the only threat. Ask anyone who has had a pipe burst over the weekend or an electrical fire that spread quickly—water and fire damage present some real challenges when it comes to recovering your important data. If your hardware is totally (or even partially) destroyed, this is the time to be thankful you stored your backups offsite. You did that, right?

Be Proactive To Avoid Data Recovery from Water or Fire Damaged Hard Drive

It’s actually surprising how many businesses and individuals are still not taking advantage of the incredible, worry-free data storage options available today. Never underestimate the price you’ll pay if your data is destroyed with no backup available; this is the stuff that sends businesses into bankruptcy—putting off for tomorrow the backup system you should have in place today could be devastating if disaster strikes and data recovery is not possible.

Don’t Give Up Hope If you Believe Your Data Is lost from a Flood or Fire!

If you do find yourself in this situation, don’t give up hope until you have asked a proven data recovery specialist to inspect the damage. It’s amazing what the experts can do to save your data, often even in the worst circumstances, and it behooves them to do everything they can. You don’t pay them for any data they can’t recover! Water damaged hard drives, whether caused by a 10-foot wave hitting your place of business, a storm surge or flood waters, you could be facing electrical damage to your hard drive. Water can leak through the drive seal if it’s underwater, followed by contaminants in the water and environment that can get into the drive.  If it spreads to the platters it can place your data at risk. If the drive is only submerged for a short time, the likelihood that the data can still be recovered by a data recovery specialist is has much higher.

Leave Water Damaged Hard Drive Recovery To A Data Recovery Professional

Leave the rescue and data recovery to a professional or you could unnecessarily risk a loss of data that could have been avoided. If your drive is wet, don’t try to dry it out. Drying it could give contaminants that haven’t already breached the inner seal an opportunity to do just that, and your good intentions can backfire and you could lose all your data.

Leave Fire Damaged Hard Drives To a Data Recovery Professional

Fire damaged hard drives can sometimes be recovered by a specialist, but again, don’t try this yourself unless you are a data recovery specialist. External components and drive electronics that have melted aren’t necessarily a sign that your data is lost. It’s the external components that count,  so unless the platters are melted there’s still a chance for recovery.

Contact a Water or Fire Damaged Hard Drive Recovery Professional

Make sure to contact a data recovery specialist as soon as possible for the best chance of success. Even if your drive survives the fire, fire hoses putting out the flames are a water threat, but we have rescued important data that has taken the double threat of both.

If you find yourself in need of a data recovery specialist or team of specialists, call Proven Data Recovery at  877-364-5161, or visit the Proven Data Recovery website.

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