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Cryptowall 4.0: It’s Back and Worse than Before

It has not even been a year since Cryptowall 3.0 was discovered and now there is a new version, Cryptowall 4.0 and it is more devious and demented than its former version.  Released and targeted worldwide, Cryptowall 4.0 has many elements of before but now has improved communication capabilities and has included a more resilient cloaking segment so that it is a lot more challenging to protect against. Cryptowall data recovery has never been more complicated.
It is bad enough […]

Android Adult Player Ransomware: Secretly Taking Pictures

There is a recently discovered ransomware called “Adult Player” that is making its rounds for Android users. The devilish software acts like a porn app, however, when you download it to your phone it begins taking pictures of you, blocks your device and then demands a ransom amount of $500.  Downloading random APK files is a major warning, however, for those that are naïve and believe they are accessing a free Android porn app, they are in for a […]

Fake Windows 10 Updates Spawning Ransomware

With the launch of Windows 10 come the usual love-hate anticipation of new features, combined with the usual bugs and fixes. The release has been scheduled for quite some time, and this has given the dark side of the cyber world a sufficient alert to create a CBT-locker brand ransomware to take advantage of the innocent and unaware. The announcement of a ‘free upgrade’ by Microsoft has led to new operating installations in over 190 countries and following close-on-the-heels […]

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Free Guide To Ransomware: Proactive Protection, Mitigation, & Safety

The DoJ announced that the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) had received roughly 7,750 public complaints regarding ransomware since 2005, with an estimated $57.6 million in damages. The costs come from ransoms paid in addition to the associated cost of lost data.
Cyber threats are continuing to escalate through the use of Ransomware virus invasions. The sophistication of the programs take viruses to a new level as entire computers and networks have their critical files encrypted and then held ‘ransom’ […]

Google Chrome: Are Others Listening to Your Conversations?

While many have come to associate Google with a level of trust, open source developers will tell you that is far from the truth. It seems that they discovered that the Chromium browser, the main Google Chrome open source, has a hidden snooping code that has the capability of listening to users in front of their computers. While Google insists that they have removed the ‘opt-in’ software, there are those involved in the dark side of the cyber world […]

5 Ways New EMV Chips on Credit Cards Will Impact Consumers

Credit card identity theft has been on the increase over the last number of years; and it seems that as quickly as credit card companies try to adjust for security, the hackers figure out a way to overcome the protocols set in place. However, this is all about to change with the implementation of the new ‘chip credit cards’, placing a broad spectrum layer of security for credit cards. While over 120 million Americans have already received their new […]

Imposing Safeguards To Uphold the “Security” in “Data Security”

It has been a momentous few months for data breaches. It seems most any time you check the news there is some breaking Hollywood scandal centered meticulously around an intrusive hack and threat to personal information. And, for the general public, this can create an intense sense of vulnerability—especially when discussing data security.
While any industry has their pain points, Data Recovery is one that can be a personal and sensitive matter. When a client solicits the help of a […]

The Heartbleed Bug: A Dangerous Diagnosis for Data Security Breach

Over the past few days, you may have received an email from one or more popular websites—Yahoo, Google, AOL or others—advising you to change the passwords on your accounts. In fact yesterday I received an email warning from Pinterest to change the password on my own recently opened account due to a possible security breach caused by something called the Heartbleed bug.
The newly discovered and already notorious Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures CVE-2014-0160 bug, otherwise known as the Heartbleed bug, […]