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Phishing Report: Cyber Extortion On the Rise

There is a new type of phishing email circulating and bypassing email security solutions. The email attempts to obtain payment from victims who believed they have been watched while performing explicit activities.

In the past week, Proven Data received the following email:

The cybercriminal instills the fear that he has been watching the victim’s activity. Specifically, the attacker makes it look like the victim was being recorded while watching explicit videos. This email can make people feel intimidated if they […]

Phishing Report: False Amazon Email Confirmation

Be wary of these new, high-quality phishing attempts making its way to email inboxes

Phishing is a method of Business Email Compromise (B.E.C.) in which bad actors attempt to steal authentication credentials like usernames and passwords. Cybercriminals then access business accounts and can cause plenty of issues once they have control. If those phishing emails bypass our Email Filtering System, our users are trained to detect sophisticated phishing emails due to our rigid Cyber Security Awareness program.

Recently, Proven Data […]

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Phishing Emails: Origins, Damage, and Protection

In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in cyber attacks originating from phishing emails. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated in the crafting mechanisms to deploy malware on systems. This article will analyze the different ways that we have seen malware attack a system as well as it’s origins and how we can stay protected.
Based on our research, most of the IP addresses that we are seeing originate from Eastern Europe. Cybercriminals utilize various methods of malicious code […]