The Future of Cyber Security Careers and Education

The Future of Cybersecurity Careers and Education
Proven Data is celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month during October! As a 2018 NCSAM Champion, we are dedicated to promoting and pursuing the next generation of education in Cybersecurity, encouraging our nation’s youth to explore careers and paths to success! The Cybersecurity Jobs Report 2018-2021 predicts that there will be an estimated 3.5 million unfilled positions by 2021. As more businesses move into the digital economy with their operations, the needs of organizations will continue to grow. Cybersecurity and Information Technology offers so much potential for candidates looking to enter the trade with any background. This 2017 Global Information Security Workforce study reveals almost 33% of Cybersecurity professionals came into the industry with a non-technical skillset background. The economy will be in demand of more diverse capabilities as the Internet of Things increasingly continues to affect daily life. In fact, just recently US lawmakers drafted this bill to help grant money to the Department of Labor and to help resolve this issue. The economy is embracing this evolving workforce, and it all starts with your pursuit of interest! More higher education universities have been embracing this change by including technological and Cybersecurity programs into their traditional scholastic offerings. Just recently, Augusta University in Georgia announced a unique ‘cybersecurity engineering’ degree. These programs go beyond conventional IT-style programs and create a modern, exceptional approach to educating this next generation. Our commitment to endorse our youth and upcoming technology workforce has been showcased through our annual scholarship offerings. We pledge to continue this tradition and advocate the success of more industry through the empowerment of our rising Cybersecurity personnel! More information on careers and opportunities can be found online at the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies and CyberSeek.   Official statement from the National Cyber Security Alliance: “A key risk to our economy and security continues to be the shortage of cybersecurity professionals to safeguard our ever-expanding cyber ecosystem. Raising the next generation of interested and capable cybersecurity professionals is a starting point to building stronger defenses. There are limitless opportunities to educate students of all ages – from high school into higher education and beyond – on the field of cybersecurity as they consider their options. In addition, veterans and individuals who are looking for a new career or re-entering the workforce, should explore the multitude of well-paying and rewarding jobs available. Week 2 will address ways to motivate parents, teachers and counselors to learn more about the field and how to best inspire students and others to seek highly fulfilling cybersecurity careers.”    [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
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