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Data Privacy Day 2019

Data Privacy Day 2019 Press Release

Proven Data is excited to announce our participation in Data Privacy Day as an official Champion! On January 28th 2019, organizations and individuals from all over the world will celebrate and help share awareness on the importance of data security and privacy. This international effort is part of a larger movement to help provide resources and information in order to create a more safe online environment. By helping to promote this cause, we hope […]

Improve Your Cyber Strategy in 2019

As we enter a brand new year, it’s important to look ahead and develop a better cyber strategy for safety and security. 2018 was a big year in data breaches with companies and enterprises facing new challenges in data protection across many different facets of their business. As a result, we should apply more effort and energy at all levels of an organization to increase security procedures and framework for a more protected data operation in 2019. A dynamic […]

Proven Data’s 2019 Cybersecurity Predictions

There is no doubt that 2018 has been a significant journey for cyber security and data protection professionals. Throughout the last twelve months, we’ve seen major data breach incidents from hallmark businesses such as Macy’s and Marriott’s Starwood properties, just to name few. However, there was also an increase of cyber crime towards small and medium sized businesses, as well as the public sector. With more focus on cyber protection and new technologies to help both businesses and the individual stay […]

2019 Proven Data Technology & Innovation Scholarship Announcement

Proven Data is proud to announce the 2019 Technology & Innovation Scholarship award! The focus of the award is to give financial assistance to a current or prospective student who shares a passion for technology, innovation and is actively seeking a career and pathway in these disciplines. Our team is committed to empowering and supporting the next generation of professionals who will one day lead the industry to a new pinnacle of success with exceptional leadership. 
Applicants who show interest in […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Online Shopping Safety

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick-off the 2018 holiday shopping season, it’s a good time to practice digital safety precautions and routines you can apply to keep your information safe online. This is a prime opportunity for identity theft and credit card fraud as more people are heading online to shop and purchase their gifts for family and friends. Online shopping safety is important as more people are regularly consuming goods from e-commerce brands. A study from Adobe […]

Online Banking Security

Online Banking Security Deserves More Attention

As more Americans are turning to online banking to handle their financial transactions and interact with the economy, we must look for better ways to improve our digital security and protect our important monetary activities.
Why do we use online banking?
Global banking consumers are turning towards digital banking solutions and financial technology “fintech” to manage their financial information and interact with businesses. A survey conducted in late 2017 [1] by the American Bankers Association shows a growth in the […]

Proven Data, NCSAM 2018

National Cyber Security Awareness Doesn’t End in October

National Cyber Security Awareness Doesn’t End in October
Each year as the Fall season approaches, technology firms, universities and government agencies come together and prepare for the annual October celebration known as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Created by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance in 2004, the program has a goal to create awareness and share resources for people and businesses across the globe to be familiarized with cybersecurity and data protection [1]. […]

Every Business Needs Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Passwords have been forever considered the modern key to our digital world. However, we are beginning to see these keys rust as the Internet of Things generates a storm of security issues for companies of all industries. Although the classic password has allowed users to access their data easily and readily, they are often time not enough of a deterrent. The use of password-only authentication can make your data more prone to a cyber threat incident, as […]

phishing emails

Phishing Emails: Origins, Damage, and Protection

In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in cyber attacks originating from phishing emails. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated in the crafting mechanisms to deploy malware on systems. This article will analyze the different ways that we have seen malware attack a system as well as it’s origins and how we can stay protected.
Based on our research, most of the IP addresses that we are seeing originate from Eastern Europe. Cybercriminals utilize various methods of malicious code […]

The Future of Cybersecurity Careers and Education

Proven Data is celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month during October! As a 2018 NCSAM Champion, we are dedicated to promoting and pursuing the next generation of education in Cybersecurity, encouraging our nation’s youth to explore careers and paths to success! The Cybersecurity Jobs Report 2018-2021 predicts that there will be an estimated 3.5 million unfilled positions by 2021. As more businesses move into the digital economy with their operations, the needs of organizations will continue to grow.
Cybersecurity and […]