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Data Privacy Day 2019

Data Privacy Day 2019 Press Release

Proven Data is excited to announce our participation in Data Privacy Day as an official Champion! On January 28th 2019, organizations and individuals from all over the world will celebrate and help share awareness on the importance of data security and privacy. This international effort is part of a larger movement to help provide resources and information in order to create a more safe online environment. By helping to promote this cause, we hope […]

General Data Protection Regulation

Proven Data’s Commitment to Client Privacy

At Proven Data we take our privacy policy seriously. We want our clients to know we value their privacy and take great measure to ensure their data is protected while in our hands. As a cyber security & data recovery company with global experience, we are used to meeting the needs of a wide variety of regulations. The bottom line is, we take no shortcuts, and believe in maintaining the safety and privacy of any data as a top […]

Google Chrome: Are Others Listening to Your Conversations?

While many have come to associate Google with a level of trust, open source developers will tell you that is far from the truth. It seems that they discovered that the Chromium browser, the main Google Chrome open source, has a hidden snooping code that has the capability of listening to users in front of their computers. While Google insists that they have removed the ‘opt-in’ software, there are those involved in the dark side of the cyber world […]