National Cyber Security Awareness Doesn’t End in October

National Cyber Security Awareness Doesn’t End in October

National Cyber Security Awareness Doesn’t End in October

Each year as the Fall season approaches, technology firms, universities and government agencies come together and prepare for the annual October celebration known as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Created by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance in 2004, the program has a goal to create awareness and share resources for people and businesses across the globe to be familiarized with cybersecurity and data protection [1]. It is a foundation of the ongoing efforts to battle cyber crime and prevent other digital threats from attacking both personal information and businesses.

Recognized as a 2018 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, Proven Data has been committed to help achieve this goal by giving our support and resources to sharing more knowledge in preventing cyber attacks like phishing [2]. Cyber incidents continue to get more complex and modernized, and as a result our attempt to combat these challenges will be met by our desires to stay educated and share the knowledge on impeding bad actors. Although the scope of cyber security continues to widen, the spotlight of the awareness month is to highlight the importance we all share in creating a safer digital environment for all.

We need to sustain this level of awareness for all 12 months out of the calendar year. There are far too many individuals and businesses that are simply ill prepared with resources and information to help prevent from being the victim of a cyber attack. If we only keep our efforts to promote the positive in cyber awareness during one month out of a whole year, how will we continue to improve our overall defenses as a digital economy and such? It is an ongoing effort to get information to those around the world who are left ignorant to the current trends of cyber safety.

Proven Data has always been an advocate for businesses create an environment where cyber safety is practiced by all employees and encourage a culture of awareness. We can achieve these goals by implementing cyber resource training programs year-round. Companies should focus on having employees better trained and aware of the current events happening within data theft and business email compromise [3]. If your business is actively focused on recognizing and training employees to react to current trends affecting your business/industry, it will greatly reduce your risk of breach!

To conclude, we need to intensify the power of National Cyber Security Awareness Month by broadening this one special month to the whole year. Although October will forever be the official home of the celebration, we must develop a genuine ambition to helping others become educated and grow their knowledge in cyber security and digital safety.





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