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business data recovery

Proven Data Recovery provides small, medium and large companies with expert business data recovery services any time disaster strikes. Proven Data Recovery’s team of experienced engineers are ready to rescue your critical data and get your systems running with as little down time as possible.

Businesses depend on their data storage devices to protect and provide seamless access to critical files 24/7.  Proven Data Recovery provides secure and confidential:


  • Hard drive recovery for business
  • Data recovery for business
  • Server recovery for business
  • RAID recovery for business.

Whether caused by an extreme weather event, power failure, fire, vandalism or age-related problem, a system failure can have devastating effects on your company’s ability to survive.  Our experienced data recovery engineers can repair the most damaged computer systems quickly, restore critical files and spare your business from serious productivity losses.

RAID Recovery For Business Services


The most common among our business data recovery services is RAID recovery. We’ve worked with all types of businesses to recover RAID data either on a server, NAS, or NAN device. You may find more information for RAID recovery services here.

Common Causes of Data Loss


Some of the most common causes of system failure and data loss that can take business owners by surprise include:

  • User errors, accidental file deletion, formatting and other errors
  • Corrupt, unreadable or missing files
  • Damage caused by power surges or other electrical events
  • Damage caused by malicious programs or viruses
  • Damaged hardware caused by hard drive crash or RAID failure

Proven Data Recovery offers a range of options to recover data and keep critical systems online. We provide crucial 24/7 availability to protect your business from damaging downtime, and offer data tape transfer in addition to other media services that can boost your data recovery diagnosis and help avoid file loss.

What to do when your data storage system fails:


At the very least, potential data loss resulting from a crash or damaged environment can prove to be frightening and extremely frustrating to any business owner. Avoid operating your storage system as soon as the failure is discovered to prevent further damage. Do not turn your computers on, and do not try to recover files or repair damage yourself. By keeping the system powered down until a business data recovery expert arrives, the chance of a successful recovery is greatly increased.

The Proven Data Recovery team of experts will perform a complete media evaluation and risk-free diagnostics in order to provide you with a full analysis of the system failure. Our team of business data restoration experts will present a comprehensive diagnostic report, a price quote, a time estimate and other essential information regarding what it will take to recover your data and get your business back up and running. Once you approve our findings and recovery plan, we will set to work right away.

Proven Data Recovery provides small and medium business clients with a full no-recovery/no-charge guarantee every time.

Proven Data Recovery has built a reputation for providing successful data recovery techniques to businesses around the United States. Our certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom and uniquely qualified engineers provide professional hard data recovery for business and specialized services. Proven Data Recovery can deliver RAID recovery for business, restore damaged hard drives, flash devices and all other storage devices. With our risk-free diagnostics, your business has a powerful resource in Proven Data Recovery when data loss occurs.

Data Recovery for business


When you need to keep your business running after a system failure, you need an expert data recovery team that understands the importance of fast turnaround times and maximum security. Proven Data Recovery brings decades of combined engineering experience to the table, offering small and medium businesses the help they need to maintain productivity without taking a huge bite out of the budget.

We are available for emergency services 24/7, 365 days a year.  In the event of a disaster, Proven Data Recovery will dedicate a team of skilled engineers to your business to limit or prevent any data loss, dramatically cut your downtime and get your business back up and running. We also offer remote data recovery services for logically damaged files; a corrupt database or a deleted email archive can be restored remotely in some circumstances, cutting expenses and down time even further.

Proven Data Recovery offers:

  • Free Business Data Recovery Evaluations
  • 24/7 Customer Service, 365 days a year
  • A 97 percent data recovery success rate

Why trust Proven Data Recovery with your business data recovery needs?


Proven Data Recovery is committed to providing the highest quality services to every client. All PDR locations are fully accredited through the Better Business Bureau and adopt the BBB’s high service standards. We maintain the top quality assurance requirements with our guarantee to provide special attention to every stage of the data recovery process from start to finish.

Proven Data Recovery employs a Six Sigma management approach to business data recovery services that emphasizes setting high objectives, collecting data and scrupulously analyzing results. The philosophy behind Six Sigma allows us to systematically eliminate each defect and get as close to achieving complete data recovery as possible. Six Sigma benefits include a better understanding of customer requirements, a process cost reduction of up to 50 percent, shorter turnaround time, a more reliable outcome and increased customer satisfaction.

HIPAA Compliant Business Data Recovery


For businesses in the healthcare industry, HIPAA compliance is key to our data backup and recovery platform. Proven Data Recovery meticulously documents each process, practice and strategy for a backup plan as mandated. We also provide our clients with the peace of mind that only hosting on a highly secure platform with SSL encryption can offer. Proven Data Recovery’s platform provides protection at the application level, facilities level, and network level to meet HIPAA standards.

Proven Data Recovery’s confidentiality agreement is standard and incorporates stringent security measures throughout the data recovery process. Recovered data is never at risk of unauthorized access, and we adhere to a strict in-house non-disclosure agreement. Depending on your business’s requirements, we also provide special data security handling and any other safety procedures necessary to ensure that your data security and confidentiality are never compromised at any time.

Far-reaching experience in business data recovery

Proven Data Recovery’s seasoned professionals have vast experience in business data recovery, having spent years working as specialized engineers in the RAID, internal and external hard drive, SSD and flash drive and smart phone data recovery industry. The PDR team can recover data in any situation when no other company can. Over the past 15 years, Proven Data Recovery experts have been restoring critical files for hundreds of small, medium and large businesses including NYU, CNN, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp., ING Life Companies, Tower Laboratories, Ltd., Travelers Insurance and more.

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