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Digital Computer Forensic Services You Can Trust

computer forensic servicesComputer crimes threaten individuals, small businesses and large corporations alike every day. Even when you invest a significant amount of time and money keeping up with the necessary security software and hardware to keep your important data safe, you may still find that your files are not impervious to the menaces that pose a threat.

The computer forensic experts at Proven Data Recovery (PDA) are certified and licensed to find the digital evidence that leads to legal action against the offender. We specialize in digital forensics in the healthcare industry, and small-large sized businesses.

Proven Data Recovery’s knowledgeable digital forensics team has a thorough understanding of what is required for obtaining digital evidence in a legal manner. Once our investigation is complete, PDR will present a comprehensive report confirming the status of all data in question, including:

  • Data Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Audio forensics
  • Electronic Investigation
  • Document Review
  • Evidence Preservation
  • Rule 26(f) Preparation
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Computers retain much more information than most people realize. Even intentionally deleting sensitive data is not as easy as you may think.

The science of computer forensics is a by-product of online criminal activity critical to anyone whose online data files must be kept safe. In fact, computer forensics is often the only opportunity available for gathering evidence and recovering lost, stolen or deleted information, whether it was deleted intentionally or accidentally.

Because motives for computer crimes vary, the science of computer forensics keeps getting more sophisticated and multidimensional. Protecting your organization from a dishonest or disgruntled employee who decides to purge important data files, or criminals who make a living from hacking and stealing customer and corporate financial data, has never been more critical. The need to have computer forensics experts on hand should be part of your comprehensive data security and disaster recovery plan.

What is Computer Forensics?

As the name implies, computer forensics are designed to help track the culprit(s) who have accessed your data without authorization in the process of committing a crime. Most corporations and individuals are dependent on the Internet for everything from emailing to bill paying and invoicing customers, which means sensitive information is stockpiled on hard drives worldwide. Your computer-stored data is as vulnerable to thieves and plunderers from other continents as it is to people within your organization. Computer forensics not only minimize your risk of theft and intentional damage to your data, sophisticated computer forensic experts apply security measures that track and notify you of any changes in your data.

User information is delivered in forensically gathered log files to provide evidence when a crime has been committed, or for any legal proceedings involving computer activity.
PDA’s computer forensics team utilizes proven scientific methods to collect, analyze and present evidence in a court of law. Our forensics experts are highly trained and experienced, to ensure the integrity of your computer system and provide comprehensive knowledge of both the legal and technical aspects of computer crime.

Computer forensics are used in tracking everything from email spamming schemes to cyber-stalking, gaining unauthorized access in order to steal data such as usernames and passwords, unleashing malicious software to spread a destabilizing virus, to viewing and distributing child pornography; this specialized science has been used to pinpoint and track down terrorist activities worldwide, exposing identities and strategies for use in criminal cases, civil disputes, human resources proceedings and employment disputes.

Computer forensics protocols are also used in combination with live mapping and satellite programs to locate criminal hideouts. Computer IP addresses are also used to help track down the geographic positions of lawbreakers and fugitives. Proven Data Recovery’s certified and licensed computer forensic professionals work to identify vulnerabilities in each customer’ security plan, and deploy appropriate safeguards such as intrusion detecting programs and proprietary forensic methods where necessary. The end results provide the electronic equivalent of a paper trail as detailed evidence (or lack thereof) of how a computer was used, what files were breached and who was responsible.

Proven Data Recovery’s expert forensic team follows scientifically established procedures to analyze each case and determine the most effective approach to recovering all data including file remnants, deleted files, and temporary files from all types of electronic media using non-invasive strategies. Once recovery is complete, Proven Data Recovery’s team puts this information into a format that can be presented in court as evidence.

Proven Data Recovery offers a complete catalog of forensic tools for PCs, Macs, tablets, cell phones, servers, electronic recorders, voicemail systems and digital cameras. We also provide a Chain of Custody report documenting everything from the seizure and custody of the computer or other electronic devices, to the transfer, analysis, and integrity of evidence that may prove information was created, altered or deleted fraudulently. A detailed chain of custody report is necessary to determine which individuals had access to violated files at any given time. In order to be admissible in court, all evidence must be discovered and analyzed by an unbiased third party like Proven Data Recovery’s forensic team. Otherwise, the validity of all digital evidence collected is considered compromised and therefore not admissible in court.