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Enterprise data recovery
When it comes to enterprise data loss, Proven Data Recovery offers advanced solutions to server failure and at-risk data under any circumstances,Proven Data Recovery delivers the results you need to shorten downtime and preserve compliance during the critical data recovery process.

Data tapes, RAID arrays and other critical storage devices can fail at any time, leaving your business without access to crucial data. Proven Data Recovery engineers have experience with all types of digital storage devices. We provide all enterprise level businesses with the highest possible recovery rates under the strictest level of security.

Proven Data Recovery also offers risk-free media evaluations and an assortment of confidential specialized services for every type of storage device.

File loss on enterprise systems can be caused by any one of a variety of triggers, including:

  • Accidental user error, file deletion or formatting mistakes
  • Damage from water, smoke or fire
  • Damage to hard drives, SSDs and other media
  • Storage problems or media wear
  • End of hardware life

RAID failures and rebuild challenges


The experts at Proven Data Recovery specialize in server recovery for enterprise systems, as well as RAID recovery for enterprise, NAS data recovery for enterprise, NAN recovery for enterprise and hard drive recovery for enterprise systems.

Enterprise hard drive data recovery


Enterprise hard drives (FC, SAS, SCSI and SATA) are generally employed in RAID based systems, so recovering data from those drives is just one of many steps in the RAID recovery process. Because of the unique design of enterprise class hard drives, specialized skills, technologies and equipment are required for successful data recovery.

At Proven Data Recovery, we prioritize every call we receive on an enterprise system failure. We adhere to the industry’s leading security standards when it comes to recovering RAID array files or data from any failed, high-capacity device, and we perform diagnostic testing in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom.

All enterprise-class systems employ load-balancing technology for consistent, flawless service. State and federal law requires that enterprise data be transmitted between SANs remains secure and is transmitted entirely over fiber paths that carry only SAN traffic, distinct from other types of network traffic such as email and web browsing.

Steps to take if you need enterprise data recovery


If your storage system fails, knowing the appropriate actions to take can minimize damage and determine your data recovery success. Never attempt to rebuild a damaged RAID array after a previous attempt has failed; otherwise, you risk further system corruption and even permanent data loss. To improve your chances of maximum data recovery, keep your RAID array powered down until an experienced data recovery team can step in.

If you haven’t selected one already, find an experienced data recovery provider and schedule a media evaluation as soon as possible. Proven Data Recovery offers free diagnostics for RAID arrays, hard drives and all other digital devices. Our engineers will conduct testing in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Clean room and deliver a detailed report on your system’s damage, along with a cost evaluation and turnaround estimate.

Proven Data Recovery treats every enterprise system as a priority, using industry-leading security practices to restore your critical data. Whether you need to retrieve files from a RAID array or any other high-capacity device, we provide the results you need to achieve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is restored and safe.

Flexible data recovery options for every enterprise storage system


When your business needs fast, reliable data recovery, our dedicated engineering team can help. We have the experience to quickly treat hard drive issues, RAID failures and other data loss disasters, and we back all of our services with risk-free diagnostics and the highest ranking security credentials.

Proven Data Recovery offers a convenient and flexible choice of service options to meet the needs of our enterprise data recovery clients. If you need immediate restoration of a damaged server or storage device, our onsite options help you avoid compliance issues while ensuring the speediest possible results. We also offer remote data recovery services, with 24/7 in-lab emergency data recovery service available to provides an average turnaround of 48 hours or less. All of our services feature absolute security and a no-recovery/no-charge guarantee.

Our vast experience and enterprise system data recovery expertise has been put to the test time and again by small businesses and organizations in Boston, New York City, New Haven, Stamford and Chicago. Our client roster also includes world-class businesses and institutions such as Yale University, Columbia University, The Hartford Insurance Group, Bank of America, Bridgestone Golf, Lexis Nexis, Spike and many more.

Anytime an infrastructure breakdown in an enterprise system results in data loss, your immediate response is critical to successful recovery. Turn to Proven Data Recovery for a team that understands complex enterprise storage systems and big data sets for around-the-clock critical data recovery services. Every year, the Proven Data Recovery team helps enterprise organizations recover business-critical data through its regional locations and laboratories. Our clients require a broad range of recovery services including data centers with virtual host and database servers that support all of their operations.

Proven Data Recovery provides:

  • Complete RAID repair and recovery services
  • Ninety-six percent recovery rate for enterprise storage systems
  • Same-Day 24/7/365 Emergency Services
  • Flexible service options and fast turnaround

Enterprise data recovery you can trust


Proven Data Recovery is committed to providing the highest quality services to every client. All PDR locations are fully accredited through the Better Business Bureau and adopt the BBB’s high service standards. We maintain the highest quality assurance requirements with our guarantee to provide special attention to every stage of the data recovery process from start to finish.

Proven Data Recovery employs a Six Sigma management approach to data recovery services that emphasizes setting high objectives, collecting data and scrupulously analyzing results. The philosophy behind Six Sigma allows us to systematically eliminate each defect and get as close to achieving complete data recovery as possible. Six Sigma benefits include a better understanding of customer requirements, a process cost reduction of up to 50 percent, shorter turnaround time, a more reliable outcome and increased customer satisfaction. Allied Signal, General Electric, Scientific Atlanta and Texas Instruments are a few of the companies that practice Six Sigma management.

For enterprises in the health care industry, HIPAA compliance is key to our data backup and recovery platform. Proven Data Recovery meticulously documents each process, practice and strategy for a backup plan as mandated. We also provide our clients with the peace of mind that only hosting on a highly secure platform with SSL encryption can offer. Proven Data Recovery’s platform provides protection at the application level, facilities level, and network level.

Proven Data Recovery’s confidentiality agreement is standard and incorporates stringent security measures throughout the recovery process. Recovered data is never at risk of unauthorized access, and we adhere to a strict in-house non-disclosure agreement. Depending on your company requirements, we also provide special data security handling and any other safety procedures necessary to ensure that your data security and confidentiality are never compromised at any time.

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