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Government Data Recovery


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Government Data Recovery

When it comes to data recovery, government and military institution may be among the most vulnerable to, and negatively impacted by a sudden system failure that puts sensitive data at risk and leads to costly downtime and lost productivity. Data loss affects thousands of government offices every year, from law enforcement agencies to military bases—even those with sophisticated and well-maintained backup systems.

With strategically located offices in five major eastern cities, Proven Data Recovery offers government agencies around-the-clock availability of data recovery, data transfer and media repair services 365 days per year.
Data loss is most commonly experienced due to:

  • Accidental file deletion, formatting, and/or user error
  • File corruption
  • Electronic and media damage
  • Hardware failures
  • Damage from viruses and malicious software
  • Fire, smoke, water and environmental damage

The experienced engineers at Proven Data Recovery can quickly repair damaged devices and restore access to critical files in just days. Unlike most of our competitors, PDR offers flexible service options including our no-recovery/no-charge guarantee.
Securing purchase and work orders can be a major issue for government institutions. Proven Data Recovery helps hasten the process by streamlining the purchasing requirements for our government clients. We have provided data recovery services for a myriad of government institutions including the New York City Police Department,, The United States Coast Guard and others.

Most importantly, Proven Data Recovery offers consistent results for every client, maintaining an excellent recovery success rate of 97 percent and using a streamlined case process to keep rates affordable.

An advanced resource for professional media services


Proven Data Recovery’s highly specialized services mean its expert engineering teams can treat failed RAID arrays, solid-state drives, hard drives, flash drives, optical media, data tapes and virtual devices. PDR maintains its position as an industry leader by reinvesting in our facilities and technology, making data recovery from any digital device more achievable every day, while maintaining excellent security controls.

Proven Data Recovery maintains a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows for the safest media repairs and data recovery efforts with all operating and file systems.

PDR also offers full RAID repair, data tape transfer, computer forensics, electronic discovery and additional advanced media services. Whether you need to recover data from a failed hard drive, or you want to make a safe conversion to a new storage system, Proven Data Recovery’s offices in Boston, Chicago, New York City, New Haven and Stamford are here to help.

What to do when your digital storage device fails


Many government offices utilize complex storage systems and devices, which means data loss on one area can cause immediate issues with workflow and productivity. When access to important files is lost, the first step is to take measures to prevent accidental media damage. Shut down the failed device and do not restart it. Never run data recovery software or file corruption utilities once it has experienced a system failure, and if a loss includes a RAID server, do not attempt to repair or rebuild the array.

Once you have powered down the system, contact a professional data recovery service as soon as possible to run diagnostics testing and provide a complete price quote and turnaround time.

At Proven Data Recovery, we provide risk-free diagnostics for our government clients. Any time a government client chooses to use our services, they are protected by our no- recovery/no charge guarantee.

Some advantages to choosing Proven Data Recovery include:

  • Air-tight security credentials
  • Flexible service options including 24/7 emergency data recovery, 365 days per year
  • Convenient purchasing options for government clients
  • SSAE 16 Type II Certification and additional compliance certifications
  • Experienced RAID data recovery and RAID repair engineers
  • Online case monitoring tools

Why Government agencies trust Proven Data Recovery with their business data recovery needs
Proven Data Recovery is committed to providing the highest quality services to government institutions, universities and other educational facilities, local, city and state agencies, law enforcement offices and other organizations. All PDR locations are fully accredited through the Better Business Bureau and have adopted the BBB’s high service standards. We maintain the top quality assurance requirements with our guarantee to provide special attention to every stage of the data recovery process from start to finish.

Proven Data Recovery employs a Six Sigma management approach to business data recovery services that emphasizes setting high objectives, collecting data and scrupulously analyzing results. The philosophy behind Six Sigma allows us to systematically eliminate each defect and get as close to achieving complete data recovery as possible. Six Sigma benefits include a better understanding of customer requirements, a process cost reduction of up to 50 percent, shorter turnaround time, a more reliable outcome and increased customer satisfaction. Allied Signal, General Electric, Scientific Atlanta and Texas Instruments are a few of the companies that practice Six Sigma management.

HIPAA compliance is key to our data backup and recovery platform. Proven Data Recovery meticulously documents each process, practice and strategy for a backup plan as mandated. We also provide our clients with the peace of mind that only hosting on a highly secure platform with SSL encryption can offer. Proven Data Recovery’s platform provides protection at the application level, facilities level, and network level.

Proven Data Recovery’s confidentiality agreement is standard and incorporates stringent security measures throughout the data recovery process. Recovered data is never at risk of unauthorized access, and we adhere to a strict in-house non-disclosure agreement. Depending on your business’s requirements, we also provide special data security handling and any other safety procedures necessary to ensure that your data security and confidentiality are never compromised at any time.

Comprehensive experience in government data recovery


Proven Data Recovery’s seasoned professionals have vast experience in government data recovery, having spent years working as specialized engineers in the RAID, internal and external hard drive, SSD and flash drive and smart phone data recovery industry. The PDR team can recover data in any situation when none of our competitors can. Over the past 15 years, Proven Data Recovery experts have been restoring critical files for dozens of government agencies, and we’ve done so reliably, securely, and quickly to eliminate unnecessary down time.

Contact Proven Data Recovery today at 877-364-5161 to learn more about our specialized services designed specifically for government clients.