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Home Data Recovery

Proven Data Recovery for Home/Personal Computer Users

home data recovery
Home and personal computer users are not exempt from computer failure due to a natural disaster or other unexpected event that can lead to catastrophic data loss. For this reason, Proven Data Recovery offers a complete menu of risk-free data recovery options for personal computer owners. With our network of offices in Boston, Chicago, New York City, New Haven and Stamford, we offer a convenient way to have your lost data professionally restored and flexible turnaround options.

The expert engineers at Proven Data Recovery use the leading technology to provide personal and home computer users with fast, affordable data recovery services. We can safely and effectively repair hard drives, flash drives, SSDs, RAID arrays and any other digital device in need of affordable data recovery options.

Personal computer owners who may think that turning to a professional data recovery service to restore lost data will be cost prohibitive, haven’t checked in with the experts at Proven Data Recovery. We offer:

  • Risk-free damage and data recovery evaluations
  • Flexible service options designed specifically for home and personal computers
  • A complete no-recovery/no-charge guarantee
  • A 97 percent success rate for home/personal data recovery
  • Choose between shipping your device or dropping off at one of our 5 data recovery office locations.

At Proven Data Recovery, we’re sensitive to the fact that data recovery can seem like a major expense to home and personal computer users. For this reason, we have developed a system for organizing and condensing the data recovery process to help you keep your costs down. Proven Data Recovery helps hundreds of students, self employed individuals and others retrieve and protect their files affordably every year.

Our free, no-risk diagnostic testing will provide you with a dependable cost estimate and time table so that you can make an informed decision about your data recovery needs before you commit.

Advanced PC data recovery with flexible service options


Technology is everything when it comes to high quality, affordable data recovery services and Proven Data Recovery routinely invests in new research and development. Our certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom and highly qualified engineers provide state-of-the-art data recovery and specialized services for home and personal computers.
In addition, we maintain a large inventory of hardware components, and our data recovery engineers participate in training programs on a continuing basis.

What to do when your home or personal computer fail


Any time your computer experiences damage, starts making unusual noises or exhibits any signs of data loss you should power down your system and leave it off to preserve your files and avoid further damage. Resist the temptation to run data recovery software, and never attempt to fix corrupt or damaged files yourself. Schedule a media evaluation with a professional data recovery service as soon as possible.

Proven Data Recovery engineers specialized in media repair and data recovery, and can safely treat any digital device including hard drives, RAID arrays, external drives, flash cards, CDs/DVDs and more to give home computer users an affordable way to regain access to lost files.

If you need to recover files from a personal or home computer, Proven Data Recovery is your best bet with our standard services, risk-free diagnostics and around-the-clock emergency services. Through our solid understanding of the advanced technology available, our data recovery teams are able to repair and restore:

  • Physically damaged hard drives and solid-state drives
  • Accidentally deleted files and folders
  • Missing or disappearing files
  • Corrupt files
  • Damage caused by viruses
  • Damage caused by environmental disasters including floods and fires

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