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Server Data Recovery Specialists

Server Data RecoveryWith over 10 years of experience in the server data recovery industry, our engineers have performed thousands of successful server recoveries. We pride ourselves in being the leaders for secure and reliable data recovery from any type of server platform. Our trained engineers are proficient in recovering from any server manufacturer or configuration. Being a specialized data recovery company allows us to efficiently focus our resources towards the main goal of recovering your business or organization’s critical data stored on the server. It is assuring to know that we are equipped with the tools for proven success.

Data Recovery From Servers And NAS Devices

We understand the urgency and importance of recovering data from a failed server or network attached storage device. Any down time suffered from a server crash or other data loss scenarios can be crippling for companies. We are here for you during these serious situations when server data recovery is essential to keep your business operations fully functional. We have proudly rescued many businesses and individuals by successfully performing some of the most complex server recoveries.

Common Types of Server Data Recovery


  • RAID, NAS, and SANS recovery
  • SNAP and network server devices
  • VMWare and Hyper-V recovery
  • Database and exchange recovery
  • Email client recovery
  • All file systems (NTFS, FAT, EXT, HFS, Linux/Unix)

Providing Server Recovery For All Servers

We have a great deal of experience when it comes to recovering data from all server types. Below are the servers we’ve worked with in the past.

HP Server Data Recovery

Dell Server Data Recovery

Gateway Server Data Recovery

Fujitsu Server Data Recovery

Asus Server Data Recovery

Lenovo Server Data Recovery

Cisco Server Data Recovery

IBM Server Data Recovery

Sun Server Data Recovery

QNAP Server Data Recovery

Acer Server Data Recovery

Apple Server Data Recovery

Oracle Server Data Recovery

It is evident that there are various types of servers that may fail. We have outlined the most common server data recovery from our years of experience. If you have a server that is not listed, we are still able to assist you. We pride ourselves in being able to recover data from any type of server failure with no limitations on the complexity, type, size, configuration, or manufacturer.

Common Causes For Server Failures

Server data recovery may be required due to software complications, human error, or from hardware/environmental factors.

  • Software Related Failure: Most software failures on servers occur during routine maintenance, upgrading to new software, or server system integration. Additional software failure is caused by system overload and system resource depletion.
  • Human Error Related Failure: The system operator may have accidentally altered configuration settings to incorrect system parameters, causing the server to fail. Another human error is a procedural error. These occur during system maintenance when the operator inputs an incorrect action.
  • Hardware or Environmental Factors: The internal mechanical parts of a server may fail from wear and tear over time. There may also be manufacturer defects in the device that cause complications. Environmental factors include power outages, overheating, or natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes.

The Server Data Recovery Process

Servers are subjected to data loss from most of the same reasons as ordinary computers. What makes them more delicate is their complex configuration and overall functionality. This exposes them to an even wider range of potentially dangerous data loss scenarios.

Once our engineers have the server, they will perform an extensive expert analysis to determine the cause of failure and possible methods of recovery. We will present the evaluation results to you as well as a solid price quote for server data recovery to be performed. There will be no modifications made to the server that will potentially cause further data loss during the evaluation process. Once you confirm the service, our engineers will work with a created image of the server for increased safety.

If you suspect your server may be failing, taking some precautions can dramatically increase the chances of a successful recovery. Our experts highly recommend discontinuing all usage to the server if critical data is at stake.

At Proven Data Recovery, our qualified technicians are trained to follow strict procedures when handling servers to ensure the highest probability of success. The first attempt at data recovery always has the highest chance of being recovered. Servers are very delicate devices and any mishandling can be detrimental. This is why we stress the importance of utilizing a data recovery company with state of the art server recovery equipment, trained data recovery engineers, and years of experience in the industry. Our team of professionals stays up to date with the latest advancements in data recovery technology allowing us to utilize use of the most effective methods available.

Next Steps For Server Recovery

If you encounter a situation of potential server data loss, it is important to contact one of our experts for a free consultation so we can begin the evaluation process and maximize the chances for data recovery. Please call 1-877-364-5161 for immediate assistance or fill out an online help request to start your server data recovery today!

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