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Consultants & IT Service Providers Data Recovery Partners

Whether you’re a consultant that services a local business or a national IT service provider that has clients around the US that may potentially need data recovery, you can utilize our affiliate program to obtain additional revenue streams.

By leveraging our proven model and being an established vendor, we take your client through a streamlined process that ends with your customer impressed and a check written out to you at the end of the month. Through our Partner Portal you may keep track of previous cases and payout amounts while your customers can track the progress of their data recovery. You may also submit cases on your customer’s behalf.

Program Requirements

Any consultants and IT service providers can join. We require a Federal Tax ID # for commissions over $500.

Partner Benefits

  • Priority positioning
  • Free Evaluations
  • Proven Advantage Partner Portal access
  • Monthly payouts
  • 97% success rate on previous cases
  • Streamlined processes
  • No quota requirements
  • No data no charge
  • Competitive pricing
  • Secure file downloading
  • Track monthly payouts

Getting Started

  1. Complete partner registration
  2. Partner documents will be mailed to you once your application has been approved.
  3. Complete and submit a W-9 form if necessary.

Why Choose our Partner Program?

With 15 years of data recovery experience, we understand the nature of any data loss situation. We’ve helped hundreds of consultants and IT service providers retrieve data from any data loss scenario. From the beginning to the end of the data recovery process, our continuous improvement mindset has enabled us to create a streamlined data recovery model for our clients. We understand the true meaning of data loss and are here with you every step of the way as your data is recovered by our experienced engineers.

The honest and open feedback we welcome from our clientele has allowed us to grow significantly in how we serve you, the customer.